I highly recommend Jan’s acupuncture services to prenatal and postpartum women! My expectations were exceeded and I felt immensely better after each session in the realms of physical and emotional health. Acupuncture works on a multitude of levels in the body during the childbearing years; this service is undeniably beneficial for women such as myself. Jan is an excellent listener along with being patient and willing to thoroughly address all questions and needs in a way that brings peace of mind, empowerment and encouragement. I was previously familiar with acupuncture prior to seeing Jan so I was not nervous about the acupuncture process (needles). Jan is thorough in explaining what to expect, talking you through relaxation and breathing techniques, and she is gentle but effective when actually performing the acupuncture. I never experienced pain or anything negative during treatments.

I had the honor of seeing Jan weekly from 36 weeks to parturition and again for a couple of visits in the early postpartum period. This is an emotionally rocky time period for most mothers to be for a multitude of reasons, yet Jan’s calm demeanor and personality in adjunct with the acupuncture treatments provided me with the physical and mental stamina to go through labor and delivery with an open heart and mind and a sense of internal peace about the whole process. The acupuncture sessions were customized to meet my needs as a first time mother which is a breath of fresh air when thinking about my previous experiences as a patient seeking medical and holistic services elsewhere. Jan truly loves her career path. This is immediately evident upon meeting her that she cares about each individual and is willing to help meet the patient’s goals in a holistic and educational manner. She goes above and beyond general acupuncture practices. She provided me with evidence based educational resources for specific concerns for which I am quite grateful and appreciative.

Jan’s services are such a gift; I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to reap the benefits. I would encourage women during any part of their prenatal and postpartum times to see Jan and receive the vast benefits that she has to offer.

C. P.  January 2016

As a research nurse by profession in the heavily data driven field of biopharma, I wouldn’t be honest if I said I wasn’t skeptical of Acupuncture.  From what I could tell, there wasn’t much research that even could be done to show it is effective.  However, I had several friends recommend acupuncture before labor, each telling me what a great experience it was.  At 39 weeks with an enormous belly (no really, super huge) I was anxious for my baby to come…not to mention my mother was in town and other family was coming for Thanksgiving several days after my due date.  I met with Jan and immediately felt great about my decision.  Jan’s professional, calm, and caring demeanor relaxed me from the time I entered the room.  She answered all my questions (no, you do not have to take any clothes off; no, it doesn’t feel like a flu shot every time a needle goes in; and, maybe TMI, but yes, there is a special point she will try for hemorrhoid relief!!), explained the process, and showed me the pins and inserted one in herself to show me how it is done.  She taught me how to breathe through the process, which is the same breathing technique I used during labor.  It was quite relaxing.  While the needles were being inserted, my baby was really active.  Then once Jan left the room and I relaxed for 20 minutes or so, my baby was so calm.  It worked on both of us:)  

As promised she did try a special point for hemorrhoid relief; it worked!  I mean the hemorrhoids weren’t gone, but they did not hurt, burn, or itch after my first acupuncture appointment until delivery (acupuncture can only go so far!).  After delivery when the hemorrhoids were back, for obvious reasons, I wanted to schedule an appointment to just do the magical hemorrhoid relief spot because it was amazing!  I am only one person, so I can’t say it will work every time, but I am certainly thrilled that it worked for me.  For anyone who has experienced the annoyance of hemorrhoids, it is definitely worth a try!!

I did end up doing 2 sessions of acupuncture.  I was hoping it would help me go into labor after one session, even though Jan and everything else I read said that it would take up to 3 times to help “induce” labor.  However, after the second session and a membrane sweep, I went into labor that night (day after my due date).  My water broke at home and I delivered 3 hours later.  My first labor was 28 hours of horrific pain and so I was expecting at least half of that.  I can’t say for sure, (since I am an “n” of 1 and you can’t really replicate my labor to try it a different way) but I really believe that acupuncture helped my body relax and prepare for labor and delivery in a way that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  I recommend Jan and acupuncture, but highly recommend them together. Jan’s approach, follow up, and calming care punctuated my experience (no pun intended) and are an integral part of what made it so awesome.    

S. B., December 2015

“I started seeing Jan when I was around 12 weeks pregnant. I did not know much about acupuncture and its role during pregnancy. When I met Jan for the first time, she explained the process with great detail to me and to my husband. She was not only very warm and friendly, but also very patient and took time to know me and my concerns and addressed them accordingly. As a first time parent, Jan has been a tremendous source of wisdom and reassured us when we needed the most. I found the sessions to be very soothing and relaxing. I highly recommend Jan for her services and I’m glad she was a part of our journey to parenthood.”

S. G., July 2015

“I was pregnant with my first baby (no complications) and was hoping to have a natural and unmedicated birth. My mother was 2 weeks late and had to be induced with me and my 2 siblings so I was afraid this would also be my fate. I shared this fear with Dr. Schwope and she recommended I try acupuncture with Jan. I called Jan and we made a plan for my first appointment to be at week 37. I went in, she talked with me about my pregnancy and my goals for my birth and how I was feeling so she could tailor my treatment to my needs (her knowledge and experience as a midwife was an added bonus during this part of the appointment!). The setting was very calm and peaceful with music and fountains running (I fell asleep!). I received a similar treatment at 38 weeks. At 39 weeks I had started to have a few contractions the night before my appointment so Jan changed my treatment for more active labor preparations. I was actually 45 minutes late to my appointment that day and Jan still fit me into her schedule, which I was so grateful for because my baby was born 2 days later, without induction or any medications or complications! I truly believe that my acupuncture treatments with Jan helped me to be better prepared for the birth of my baby, both mentally and physically. I whole heartedly recommend Jan’s acupuncture services for any pregnant woman who wants to feel more confident and peaceful as her baby’s due date approaches.”

J. W., June 2015

I cannot recommend Jan and the wonderful work she does highly enough. As a first time mom and first time acupuncture patient I was slightly unsure of the process and its success. After one session with Jan I knew I was in the right place for myself and my baby. I went through the pregnancy protocol starting at 36 weeks and had the most beautiful experience. The sessions were so relaxing and made the last weeks of my pregnancy easy, stress-free and filled with unexpected energy. Jan has such a wonderfully calm, positive and encouraging presence and I loved all of the uplifting conversations we had that were interwoven into my treatments. I was blessed to have a beautiful, easy, Natural delivery and believe the work Jan did directly contributed to our successful experience.

K. L., April 2015

Dear Jan, I just can’t thank you enough for the love and support you gave me. Your kindness and the art of acupuncture brought such peace, pain relief and comfort. As a first time mom using acupuncture as preparation for labor and delivery was empowering in the face of so many unknowns. You are a true gift to nursing and midwifery and i’m forever grateful to you.

A. S., February 2015

I highly recommend Jan for prenatal acupuncture. I experienced a rough first pregnancy and was induced at 41 weeks and 3 days. When I met Jan at the beginning of my second pregnancy, she provided hope that this time would be different. During my first trimester I was again very sick and began experiencing depression. I noticed a significant improvement physically and emotionally after our first session. I continued to see Jan throughout my entire pregnancy. With her help I delivered a beautiful, healthy girl at 38 weeks and 6 days. Labor was very quick, with no complications and no medical interventions. Jan was very professional and compassionate, and I highly recommend her for women experiencing any of the emotional or physical challenges that can accompany a pregnancy.

J.S., January 2015 

I am  so grateful I found Jan she was truly instrumental in helping me to achieve a VBAC. I was skeptical about acupuncture (I’m an RN) but I thought since it doesn’t hurt it than I would give it a try. I found her to be very comforting to work with, she always made sure to keep me informed through the entire process. Most of all she was willing to help me even on 2 holidays since I was due 12/27. Please check her out, you won’t regret it !!

A.R., December 2014

I really enjoyed my acupuncture visits! I was expecting baby #2 when I decided to see Jan. We had hopes of a VBAC, a better positioned baby, and were aiming to avoid going too far past 40 weeks. I started seeing Jan at 37 weeks to lay the groundwork for a smooth birth. She has such a calm and peaceful presence. We talked about my first birth and hopes for our second birth. I saw Jan weekly and gave birth just a few days after we started full labor protocol. I had 24 hours of early labor followed by 4 hours of fast intense active labor. At 39 weeks and 2 days I gave birth to my sweet baby girl. She surprised us all by flipping breech at the last minute but she came with ease and very quickly. I highly recommend Jan to anyone looking for assistance in balancing their energy and promoting better birthing space.

R.B., December 2014

I started seeing Jan at 36 weeks because I was aiming for a VBAC and wanted to help make sure my labor would start on its own prior to 40 weeks and that I would have a shorter, more productive labor than I did the first time.

I had never tried acupuncture before and have anxiety with needles, but Jan thoroughlyexplained  everything and made me feel very comfortable during our first session. I did not experience a deep sense of relaxation like some people describe, but it was not painful. The acupuncture helped provide great relief for typical third trimester aches and pains as well as my pregnancy carpal tunnel pains. In addition to the physical benefits, Jan’s calm, caring personality helped me relax and keep me from getting impatient or anxious during those last weeks. 

My labor began at 39 weeks and was significantly shorter, more productive and more comfortable than my first time. I would highly recommend Jan to anyone looking to maximize their body’s potential to labor and birth naturally. I couldn’t imagine my birth experience without her!

M.D., November 2014

I have had the honor and blessing of knowing Jan since the birth of our first daughter in 2011. She was our delivering midwife and she supported my decision to give birth naturally and it was a very positive experience. I was able to deliver naturally again with our second daughter in 2013. When I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of this year I was expecting to see Jan again. Two major things occurred that prevented her from being our midwife: 1) I was having twins and 2) Jan was now practicing acupuncture with the Lone Star group. This was actually very serendipitous: I still saw Jan throughout my twin pregnancy because I was determined to give birth naturally to my twins as well. Despite being labeled “high risk” for carrying twins, I was able to have the support and healing energy through acupuncture treatment throughout my twin pregnancy. I saw my OB and specialist regularly to make sure all was well with the babies. I made it to 38 weeks and with twins that is pretty far. However, my specialist said that if I made it to 39 weeks, he would talk to my OB to consider an induction even though myself and the babies were in perfect health. In my heart I knew that was not what I wanted, so I saw Jan for a balancing treatment on a Friday afternoon. I knew my body was close so I saw her again on the following Monday. My twins were born the next day, Tuesday at noon. I labored and delivered naturally, without complications and had 2 beautiful and healthy boy/girl twins. I had to deliver in the OR as a precaution but did not make use of any equipment accept the bed. My OB worked with Jan for many years so I requested Jan stand in as my doula. All of my pregnancies and births were amazing journeys. My twin experience was unique and blessed much to do in part with the knowledge, experience and wonderful spirit that Jan gives in dedication to empowering all women to trust in their bodies to do what, I believe, nature intended us to do. Words cannot describe how thankful myself and my family are to have her in our lives. Thank you so much, Jan.

V.S., November 2014

There are not enough words to express what a gift San Antonio women have in East West Women’s Health. Jan has been fantastic to work with and more than beneficial to me, my baby and pregnancy. Knowing my previous birth was very long due to a malpositioned baby, I started seeing Jan for care at 37 weeks to encourage my body and baby to align and communicate effectively for this pregnancy.

Jan took her time with appointments. I never felt rushed and I appreciated her being willing to arrange appointments around other visits I had scheduled with the midwives in the same office. She explained things as she did them and her whole person approach helped me to relax and helped my body to gear up for the coming weeks.At 39 and a half weeks, I had been experiencing some latent labor patterns, so I called her to see if treatment would help them. Not only did she say she would make me an appointment, but she came in on a planned day out of the office so I could be treated. She did her late term pregnancy/induction procedures and was so incredibly encouraging to me as I was mentally and physically tired from start/stop contractions. I went into labor that night. Labor was effective, quick and a breeze compared to my first baby. I can honestly say that my treatments with Jan played a huge part in that.Pregnant and postpartum women should really consider seeking acupuncture treatment. It has made a world of difference for me!

K.G., October 2014

I contribute my successful VBAC to Jan’s prenatal acupuncture and the care of the Lone Star Midwives.  I never had acupuncture prior to being pregnant.  However, since Jan introduced me to the midwife practice and delivered by first child three years prior, I had complete faith her acupuncture practice would be beneficial during my second pregnancy, where I really wanted a VBAC.  While I was nervous during my first appointment, Jan began the appointment with telling me about the process and the many benefits of acupuncture.  As she always does with her calm aura, she put me at ease and my experience was AMAZING.  I can not quite describe the release of tension I felt after the appointment.  I definitely felt lighter, relaxed and relieved of stresses and pain in my body that had not been tapped into.  I had two appointments with Jan, one at 37.5 weeks and another at 38.5 weeks. My appointment at 38.5 weeks was on a Thursday and included a treatment for general relaxation and a few points to induce labor.  While the plan was to have more treatments to help induce labor, I went into labor the Sunday after my second visit and had my son early Monday morning by VBAC.  I highly recommend Jan’s acupuncture to all pregnant women.  I know there are many women who might be hesitant to try acupuncture but believe me when I say, it is painless and provides a relief you can’t imagine until you try it.  I am even going to continue acupuncture after my prenatal visits as I believe in its results and benefits.

F.S., August 2014

I met with Jan twice for acupuncture toward the end of my third pregnancy. She was very supportive and knowledgeable about acupuncture – specifically its benefits for the pregnant woman. Most importantly, she was willing to work with my hectic schedule, even squeezing me in on a holiday to be sure I had as much help from acupuncture as possible prior to my delivery. As this was my first experience with acupuncture, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was hoping to get my body as ready for delivery as possible to avoid having to be induced or have a C-section. After two acupuncture treatments, along with other things I was doing to prepare my body, I went into labor on my own and had a healthy 10 pound baby without medical interventions or pain medications – just as I was hoping

V.S., June 2014

Jan!    It was so kind of you to take your time to help me prepare for Kal’s birth.   I am so glad that I chose to come to Lone Star.  I felt empowered and informed at every moment.  I am also so glad that I came to see you for acupuncture.  My mindset improved tremendously–and not even so much about the experience of birth specifically, but rather about our future as a family.  I know that I had a major release from the anxiety that had plagued me throughout my pregnancy.

M.F., June 2014

I was seeking a VBAC, so I began seeing Jan at 36 weeks. Acupuncture was never something I tried and I walked in to my appointment not knowing what to expect. The experience I had was far more then I anticipated. Jan talked with me about my previous pregnancy and c-section as well as my fears for the outcome of this pregnancy. I carried a lot of trauma from the unwanted c-section I had, and she talked me through that as well. The treatment I received from Jan targeted my pregnancy aches as well as my emotional ones. At 38 weeks we started the labor inducing acupuncture and did it ever work. I went in to labor that evening and two very short hours later my baby girl was born by way of successful VBAC.

I highly recommend seeing Jan, not only does she use the acupuncture to motivate your body to do what it’s intended to do but her manner and calm demeanor help you open up emotionally to your labor and let go of your fears. I enjoyed my experience very very much, and truly believe Jan’s assistance made my birth the healing experience I was seeking.

M.P., May 2014

We came to see Jan when we were past 41 weeks, and trying to avoid an aggressive induction. The acupuncture that Jan administered, as well as her encouragement and peaceful manner, began our labor and delivery process in a place of emotional and physical balance. I went into an induction feeling prepared and strong, and ended up only needing minimal intervention to get the process moving. My body was so well prepared that labor was relatively short and efficient. I had plenty of internal and external strength left to welcome my baby into the world! I only wish I’d started acupuncture treatment earlier in my pregnancy!

B.M., March 2014