Services and Fees


EastWest Woman’s Health offers a safe, effective and drug free approach for both pregnancy and postpartum.

1st trimester
Treatments during this delicate stage of development can improve energy and mood and alleviate symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.

2nd trimester
Regular treatments during this time of transition can help with common pregnancy concerns, such as heartburn, constipation, pain, sciatica, anxiety and insomnia.

3rd trimester
Labor preparation treatments start weekly from 36-37 weeks gestation to prepare the body for labor gradually. This is the perfect time to reduce stress and enhance stamina for labor. Treatments focus on ripening the cervix and and positioning the baby optimally for labor.

The first few months after birth are essential for regaining strength. For postpartum recovery, acupuncture can help with issues such as stress, fatigue, and low milk supply.


Initial treatment           $50

Will last up to 60 minutes and includes a detailed intake and acupuncture treatment

Follow-up treatment     $50

Will last up to 60 minutes and will include follow-up and acupuncture treatment

Labor Preparation     $50

This acupuncture protocol  can begin at week 36 or 37 with a focus on building strength and stamina and promoting calm. The protocol is also used to encourage labor around or soon after the baby’s due date.  Labor preparation can require 2 to 3 visits.   $50/visit

Acupressure for Labor and Birth    $25
Includes a one hour class that will prepare couples to use acupressure points for preparation for labor and pain management during labor. Booklet will be included.